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November 27, 2009

How to safe Pakistan ?

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akistan is our Mother Land. We have no place to live as free human being and as happy as with in family which we enjoy in Pakistan.

Pakistan have Billions of dollars resources. But till yet we are beggers. Why?

Our Pakistani youth are more capable then any other youth of the world. We are the hard working intellegent Pakistani Community.

We have vision, ambitions, emotions, devotions, and above all Faith on Islam the Religion given by God through Nabi Muhammad.

We only need a Leader a True Islamic Moderate Leader. Who give us guidence, who have visions, who have abilities, who combat and safe us from terriorist .

Pakistan is Great Nation,
But Few People with few hidden handed hijeck our soul, our abilities,our thoughts.

We have courage to serve and we have abilities to build Pakistan within our own means. But few dirty persons weakening our efforts, they wish that we
suffer, our children suffer.

We have to make a strong Pakistan, We have to work for Pakistan, We have to devote for the poor people of Pakistan…. But how?

Through Individual Capacity it is not possible. But through Meaning Full leadership we can make strong and strong.

Therefore, Think about the Beautiful Pakistan, And Think about the Revolution ” The Revolution of Pakistan by the Youth of Pakistan”.

Join hands together to make this Country a DREAM Country for live and live for the generations and generations.

But how we can safe Pakistan from the evils,and from the people who are in Government and in Each sector of the Department of Government of Pakistan……?

How to safe Pakistan?

Support My Hero and Make a Team to Support one and only the


Let us Guide how to make Team and How to unite Youth of Pakistan under your Leadership. No matter you are in any Position or have any STATUS or not…. WE BELIVE YOU SO GUIDE US HOW TO MAKE A TEAM AND HOW TO COME FORWARD TO SAFE PAKISTAN UNDER YOUR UMBRELLA….



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